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A brief summary of my life

I, Aditya Gandhi was born in Jan 1980 in Bhatinda, Punjab where my dadaji was posted at that point of time. Other than being born in Bhatinda I do not remember anything else of that place as I spent first 17 years of my life in Ranchi (which was part of Bihar then and now is the capital of Jharkhand). This is where my dad used to work, i.e. in Heavy Engineering Corporation Ranchi and we used to live in the H.E.C colony. A nice and small city with a great neighborhood and excellent friends. I spent these 17 years mostly enjoying with my friends and studying at various schools from St Mary's to St. Xavier’s to DPS and finally DAV. All these years were interspersed with regular summer breaks which were spent with cousins and relatives at Delhi (my nanaji's place) and Jalandhar (where my dadaji had retired). The high standards of education at Ranchi helped me secure a seat in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. I joined IIT in 1997 in the Mechanical Engg stream and spent the next 4 years of my life living as a hosteller in Karakoram hostel and enjoying the IIT life. Obviously as we went through the IIT grind other than all the fun we had I also learnt a bit of Mech and Comp. This helped me secure a campus placement at Sapient Corp, a US based IT consultancy which had recently opened an office in Delhi. I joined Sapient in May, 2001 and since then have been working as an IT professional. While with Sapient I have traveled to various locales across the globe while trying to help deliver my projects. This has taken me to places like Denver, CO; Boston, MA and Chicago, IL. Along with these have also got to travel to places like Seattle, WA, New York, NY and Florence and Venice in Italy.

Professionally, I have been working on all kinds of technologies like Content Mgmt Systems, Portal Builders, Web Applications based on J2EE, Client Server / EAI solutions based on C++ and Tibco. Maybe I will do something on .NET next. As far as the domain is concerned I have been working on Financial Services for quite some time, on listed securities like Equities, Indexes, Bonds, Options, Futures and OTC like CDSs, IRDs, Variance Swaps etc.

Rest of it

Will write this up when i get in the mood again :)